5/23/18 BMT Day +21 Mommy take me home

Reese had a request today. It’s something that she hasn’t asked of me any of the 31 days we have been inpatient. She very simply said, “Mommy take me home. I want to go home.”
And. I. Can’t. Do. It.
I can’t bring her to her house, with her polka dot bed, pink striped walls, safe snuggly blankets, and Quinn nearby. I can’t grant this simple wish for my little girl. It devastates me but then I remember why we are here. I have my eye on the goal, my child to live to see her 5th birthday. And then live to see her 6th, 7th, and decades more after that. Reese also has a goal. This goal is to be really awesome at being 4-years-old. It’s very appropriate. And now that she feels well, it is hard to be really awesome at that in a little room without your sisters, family and friends. She knows this and she wants out.
In the getting well department, she is kicking butt and taking names. No “unexpected” for another day and everything else is clearing up nicely. She is weaning off the final tiny doses of steroids, pain meds, TPN, and a couple other things. I am continuing to present her with a smorgasbord of food and she tries a nibble here and there, relearning what food tastes like because her taste buds have changed. The doctors continue to be happy with her progress and I am so proud of my little rockstar.
Next week she will have a bone marrow aspiration and a chimerism test, to see what percent of Reese’s bone marrow is Reese and what percent is donor. We want HIGH donor percents there. This is why we are here, this is the main event. I am praying for my little girl to be filled with the gift of donor stem cells.

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