5/24/18 BMT Day +22 In a few days…

Today Reese received a wonderful package from her class, packed full of unicorn… everything! There was also holy oil for me that Reese really loved. She blessed everything she loves in the room, it was really sweet. Next to her was a framed picture of Nonnie and Poppy. She blessed the frame and then folded her hands and prayed: Please let me see Nonnie and Poppy again. Then she added, Please bring my sisters here. Amen.
Well, she is getting her wish! Tonight I told Reese that her family is coming sooner than we thought. Yep. She deserves to have her sisters with her while she heals this week, and there are enough of us, loving her and willing to do whatever is necessary to make it happen! I told her a bedtime story that began, “In a few days your family will walk through that door, right there!”
Her response- “Will they need to take a bath also?”
(Reese had to take a bath entering isolation, I told her I didn’t think the doctors would make them do that.)
Then she planned exactly what everyone will do when they arrive. She was so happy, soaring, shining, actually bouncing up and down. Life is good.

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