5/28/18 Day +26 TEAM REESE the San Francisco REUNION

Reese and I like to play “I spy” out the window in the hallway of the hospital. Today’s game was especially exciting…
“I spy my family!”

That’s right, Team Reese arrived at 9am and delivered more than hugs and smiles (though there were plenty of those, too!) They brought with them the very best kind of medicine, the kind that heals the soul. A couple hours with them and Reese was a brand new girl. Rather, she was our good ol Reese again. How I missed this giggle, this excitement, this love of life.

The doctors explained to me that children struggle more the longer they stay in the hospital. To me, I thought that she would get a little more used to being poked, prodded, and other awful things that she hates. But it has really been the opposite. She knows what can happen when a medical professional enters the room, she knows she loses all control, and she has had it. It started about a week ago, as she started to regain her strength, and she wants OUT.

Enter: Team Reese. By the end of the day my little girl was BACK! She played enthusiastically alongside her sisters, hardly missing a beat. When it was time for the crew to leave for the night, I worried about her morale as we wrapped up the day together. This little peanut was soaring, nothing was going to dampen her spirit! She sees the light at the end of the tunnel, and she remembers why she loves… everything! Quinn put it best, “I can’t wait till it’s the next day” because they will be back in the morning. And the morning after that. And however many mornings it takes until Reese is discharged and we all walk out the door together.

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