5/5/18 BMT Day +1 +2 +3 Chewing up platelets

We’ve had a roller coaster ride the past few days. Reese’s body seems to be chewing up platelets very quickly and our doctors are on a mission to figure out why. We need to keep her platelets above 30 with the meds she is on, and this is proving to be difficult. She has also been violently ill, throwing up lots of blood. Last night it was “coffee grind blood” which can indicate a bleed, which is obviously a big problem without platelets. Her hemoglobin has held strong, so it is a bit of a puzzle. In the meantime, they had to pause the feeds that she is holding down, so she is going on eight days without much nutrition. If she continues to get better today, they will begin again tonight.
When she isn’t sick, she is playful and acting very much herself. When the doctors walked in today, expecting a very sick girl per her report, she made them play catch with her red ball. She was all smiles. She spent hours yesterday creating little pom-pom animals and she asks to gets up out of bed to play. Her vitals are also holding. All good signs. More on that as information comes our way.
Another question going around our team- “Why does Reese have hair?” It should have been gone in February. She is our little anamoly.
During our stay in the hospital, we have been watching a lot of the Disney channel. Have you ever seen the Disney “Dream Big Princess / Be a Champion” campaign commercials on TV? Her favorite is the Moana commercial, it’s very inspiring for a little girl (copy and paste this link to see it: https://youtu.be/2PfPVoKYqXk ) Disney’s campaign of commercials aims to make a difference for girls who face challenges achieving their dreams. Reese felt inspired to dream big too, and use her journey to San Francisco, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, to make her OWN commercial! See the YouTube  for Reese’s commercial below. 🙂
Dream Big my sweet Reese, and you will achieve your dream- cancer free!! xo

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