5/6/18 BMT Day +4 NG Tube

Today was a good day. After a little more drama closing down Day +3 (her NG tube had to be replaced twice and continued platelet drops) we are in a good place closing down Day +4.
When a person receives more than 10 platelet transfusions, they can develop antibodies to foreign platelets. This may have happened to Reese. So her body is chewing up the platelets they infuse, fast. What do we do about this? She needs to receive special HLA typed platelets, hopefully tomorrow. Please pray they are able to match her quickly and find a donor just as fast!! Hopefully this will be prompt and give her the bump over 30 that she needs to be safe and take the meds she needs.

Reese hasn’t eaten food since Friday the 27th of April. After a couple days with light to no feeds, today her NG tube is pumping in 25 ml an hour of nutrients. It isn’t really expected that she eat after Day +1 through engraftment which is a couple weeks away. Today, Reese woke up at 4:45 and said, “MOMMY, I NEED pretzels!!” Sadly, there weren’t any soft pretzels on hand… so we made due with her second choice, edamame. The heart wants what the heart wants. The fact that she is hungry is another great sign.

Dan +7 is approaching and she is doing “terrific” for where she is today. Let’s hope this holds!
In the next few days everyone who ordered will get their REESE SOCKS!! That’s right, they will be delivered right when she needs the most love and support. I will be starting a FaceBook page, please share pictures of yourself, showing off your socks. I’ll put it on Reese’s iPad! Bonus if you find a unique pose/place/group shot!!
We finished off the day with raspberry sorbet (pictured) Fingers crossed for a quiet night.

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