5/7/18 BMT Day +5 Platelets

Reese is determined! This morning she bounded out of bed, eager to paint in her ballet studio (the “parent section” of the hospital room.) She has no bone marrow, and so little energy, but it’s mind over matter with this little girl. We played and she ate a bit here and there. Her ng tube is STILL out, so I’ve been trying to get her to “drink” the feeds that she is missing, so I have a timer… a “sip” of Pediasure every five minutes. It worked out pretty well. She does not have mucositis or pain today. This is a BIG deal! Mucositis begins at some point, it’s pretty much inevitable. But, when neutrophils start to come back, (Day 14ish) it gets better. So each day longer that Reese goes without it is less time that she will have it. So I would say we are winning!!
Platelets- The testing came back and Reese does NOT have antibodies to foreign platelets. (So she does not need HLA tested platelets.) This is good news for her- needing special platelets is a high maintenance thing that you don’t want. But the question then is- why? We don’t know and we might not know. In the meantime, Reese will be getting blood counts twice a day and the doctors will manage the situation with lots of platelets. Prayers for no bleeds… we are getting closer to blood counts every day!!!
Do you know how kids like Reese (or anyone who has a big bleed) gets platelets? Someone has to donate (we all know that, but…) a person needs to go in to specifically donate platelets (not just blood.) First, you make an appointment to donate with the local RED CROSS. The, you go in for a blood test (screening) and when you pass (most people do) you have your blood pumped through a machine for a couple hours to collect some platelets. Here’s the catch- platelets only last a few days, and they can’t be frozen!! That means that kids like Reese count on people to go to a Red Cross, OFTEN, and donate. And who is the best platelet donor?? A man or a woman who hasn’t had children (this has to do with antibodies present in a woman who has carried another person.) A female doctor we heard about tonight sends her husband, every week, to give platelets for her (because she can’t, because she had children.) I will be sending a very willing Chris to give platelets. What man doesn’t want a couple hours, to himself, to read Twitter or whatever they do when they have a few precious uninterrupted moments? I will watch the kids- he can go save a life. It’s perfect. Who is with me?

Pictured- Reese’s artwork this morning. There are days when you just want to get MESSY!! And why not?? She does it because she CAN.

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