5/8/18 BMT Day +6 Hair Loss

Today started off like yesterday. Reese woke up feeling overwhelmingly tired and nauseous and fought through it to paint and play in her little studio. Then she built a “fort” in her bed and made the nurses try to find her. It was pretty cute.
Around 10:30 her energy level started to really dwindle (she gets up before 5am everyday in the hospital- she’s the floor’s EARLY RISER! : ) That is when her socks arrived- that she designed! Pink hearts for her, green for Quinn, a unicorn for luck, and of course a RAINBOW! She got another burst and tried them on, posing for a few quick pictures. Then she just collapsed from exhaustion, sleeping until 1:30. We believe that her mucositis is beginning. Her voice is hoarse and she is spitting up some blood. It’s not slowing her down yet, but we know that she is in pain. It’s tricky because I believe her pain threshold is so high that she puts up with a lot… but the nurses tell us that she should be in pain, so we are giving her a little something to take the edge off now.
Reese’s hair is going away. It started a little last night and throughout the day more and more fell to her pillow. Everyone warned me what it would be like, finding those first few strands all the way through the moment it’s just gone. I cried today, combing through it, it falls right out in the brush. I comb it to save her the sight… it is in her mouth, on her clothes, in her food. It’s not that I care about hair, it’s just another reminder that things for my little baby are tough. She didn’t see me crying, and she won’t. We read the book “The Famous Hat” together last night and we spent a lot of time on the page where the hair grows back. Because it will and so will everything that is missing right now.

I still feel like we are winning, and I discussed this with the doctor. We are blessed to say that everything that is happening is “to be expected.” If we can stay in that range I will be the happiest woman in San Francisco. Tomorrow is Day 7.
If you ordered Reese’s socks- please join her Facebook group and then share your pics! It’s called: ROCK REESE’S SOCKS. I’m putting this page on her iPad for her viewing pleasure 🙂
Bonus if you find a unique pose/place/group shot!!
Pictured: Reese and her socks!!

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