MythBusters Series

Covid life- my little class of three. Aren’t I lucky?

Most of you have been with my throughout this journey. You have been with me through three Christmas seasons, three May 2nds, and many miracles.

You have supported me through meal trains, Lemonade 4 Leukemia, and with countless prayers.

You know that I switched gears when Reese became a “normal kid”. Those incredible, blessed words that we heard from her BMT team in December. Reese thrives as a 6-year-old, gaining strength every day. The team told us that she would need 2 years to recover for every 1 year she was so sick. We celebrate each milestone with her, and she feels like a kindergartener. Which is perfection.

I have continued the cleansing of our home, ridding our environment of toxic chemicals. I know that Reese’s cancer was not caused by products. I know that it was a “mistake”, a mutation that randomly occurred in utero, after she split from Quinn. “Bad luck” as we have heard so many times, the understatement of the year. But through my research I learned that chemicals can contribute to many other cancers, especially breast, and this is why I research. I want to take down cancer, not just JMML. Though, this is at the top of my list. There is nothing Reese could do to not get leukemia, sadly this is true. But, there is something she can do to protect herself. Things we can all do, to make ourselves safer. It’s not the things we do once, or even once a month. It’s the things we do everyday that matter. Things we put in our body. Products that are in contact with our largest organ, our skin, day after day. All of that exposure adds up.

I have been around for a long time, I wish I knew this many years ago. I can make changes now, and hope it’s enough. And for my kids, well, I can provide them with the safest environment I know how. Because we do the best we can until we know better. Then we do better. I know that I have referenced Maya Angelou before.

In an effort to advocate and educate, I will be presenting a MythBusters series in my Facebook group: Stay-at-Home, Get Clean and on my Instagram page: @defeatingchildhoodcancer. I will post the first in the series here, below. If you are interested in following, please join my FB group and you will get notifications.

Mythbusters Series

Myth #1- Products stating that they’re “hypoallergenic” are much safer for you and your children to use.

Unfortunate Truth:
Most of the marketing claims, including “hypoallergenic” are unregulated, which means that manufacturers are able to claim all kinds of things that mean nothing at all. These claims have been designed by major marketing boards to instill consumer confidence so they can sell more products, they do NOT make you safer.
There is no government agency standing between your family and the dangerous cosmetic ingredients that can find their way into that bottle of shampoo with a picture of your child’s favorite character. It’s up to YOU to know your ingredients.

Pictured is one offender. This detergent is marketed to the most fragile members of our society, a newborn. It is not an unusual offense, I know that it is more common than not, but this one really gets me.

Link to the EWG rating for this “hypoallergenic” newborn detergent:

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