11/10/18 Day +192 Reese’s Nights and Light the Night

You will never have this day again. So make it count.

And Reese did, oh what a fun day we had. Reese was in excellent spirits and our whole family spent time together. It started with the night. Reese had her best night of sleep, in months, last night! 7:30pm-4:15am… straight!! Of course, I should add that she is always more likely to do this when Daddy sleeps over on Fridays (he has that magic touch.) It sounds like I am talking about a newborn, but let me remind you. While she has been inpatient the past almost seven months, her nights have been pretty awful. In June, July, and August she was up for 15-28 fire drills a night. September and October were a big improvement, 4ish times a night, what a gift. Then these past few weeks they eliminated some meds and fluids and her pain is improving… and we have these occasional good nights that she is only up a couple times (or once, like last night!) As you know, nausea haunts her, and about every third night is pretty tough. But we celebrate these great ones inbetween!

I decided early this morning that there is a holiday that brings more joy to my family than any other… so I want that holiday to start as soon as possible. In the past, I have fought the mid-November urge to turn on the carols, break out the candy cane cookie cutters, and add (more than) a little ho-ho-ho to life. Not this year! This morning I went Christmas decoration shopping with my parents, Quinn, and Claire. What a treat! Oh how I miss Target. And Whole Foods. But that’s another story for another day. Today I stayed on task, and we purchased a little (artificial) pre-lit tree for the hospital room. It’s a far cry from our 9 foot Douglas Firs that we so lovingly choose each year, a little more Charlie Brown tree, but it’s ours and it will be special. Then my mom and I started clearing room to decorate for Christmas over the coming weeks. Claire did her part, I think she draws energy from Buddy, the elf: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” That’s the name of Claire’s game. Reese was holly and jolly, our whole family had a wonderful time being… a family.

On Thursday, I am thankful that I was able to attend a beautiful and moving night in San Francisco, Light the Night for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We carried red lanterns because we are supporters, and Quinn also carried Reese’s SURVIVOR white lantern, with pride. Just until she can do it herself, and walk beside us. It was an inspirational night. We could feel the love, bringing light to the darkness of cancer. As Quinn was “marching” for Reese, I could hear her quietly chanting, “Reesey, Reesey”. My Quinn is all love, such a pleasure, that’s who she was born to be. Poppy stayed at the hospital with my little flamingo (her newest obsession) and had a fantastic night. We FaceTimed from the event and I promised Reese that next year, she will walk with us. And carry her own white survivor lantern!

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