11/13/18 BMT Day +195 Reese is MEDIUM! & hair

Reese is MEDIUM! Yes, today we celebrate medium, how lovely and fortunate!!

In the BMT unit at UCSF there are 13 beds. The most highly skilled nurses work in this unit and these nurses each have two patients a shift. (I never thought about the math here, that does not make sense and I will inquire because now I am curious.) I digress. The nurse’s assignment is partially based on needs. A nurse will have one “hard” and one “easy” patient or two “medium”. Well, Reese has been a hard patient for months, usually paired with the easiest on the floor. I am thrilled to say that Reese’s needs have decreased. This is incredible and such a gift, my girl IS GETTING BETTER!

I have talked about Quinn’s role in Reese’s recovery many times. My twin girls are so alike and so different. Yes they are identical, and they approach many things the same way. But, of course, they have different strengths and gifts. Quinn is a supporter by design, effortlessly giving and happily sacrificing for Reese throughout this journey. I have met many children in my life. I have intimately known 271 during my blessed years as an elementary teacher, and I loved all of them for different reasons. I appreciate the myriad of strengths a human brings to the table, the many intelligences and gifts that can be nurtured and acknowledged. It is with this knowledge that I can say that I have not met a child as innately kind as Quinn. It’s pure and honest. How fortunate is Reese, and all of us, to have her by our side for this battle.

Today I had a consult with dermatology about a laundry list of things, including Reese’s hair. I noticed a couple months ago that BMT kids have hair when they hit +100. Quite a bit, typically. So I asked. As my doctor and I previously discussed, we are so fortunate to be talking about HAIR. This is so trivial and unimportant when you think about the fact that Reese beat cancer and is going to LIVE. But I have the doctor’s ear now, here in the hospital, so I figured I would find out, why? This is why. Reese’s body has had to delegate all of its resources to fighting for her life. Once resources are available for simple things like hair, it will grow. (This is not the official language, btw, but my interpretation.) So for now, my beautiful girl has a hat box full of accessories and she is happy as long as she isn’t cold. (Her favorite accessory is currently her flamingo sleeping mask, which she insists on wearing on top of her head most of the day. Because it’s cute. And then we have to call her “flamingo”.) She is so BACK.

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