11/21/18 BMT Day +204 Memories

A few days ago, Chris and I had a chance to talk. Really talk, about things other than medicine and doctors. This is rare and special. I asked Chris what he remembers about our month in Florida (that was almost two years ago now.) I love learning about what other people “file” and I think a lot about this now, as I consider the memories that Reese is putting away in her little brain.

Anyway, Chris answered me, and ticked off his favorite memories and then I did the same. When we were done, I noticed a common thread. Our memories revolved around food. Not what was eaten, that’s not what I mean. Each memory was about the sharing of a meal. In a unique way, as a part of a special experience, in a neat place, outside our normal. There is something about the coming together of a family, around a table, with laughter and pleasure and the freedom to relax and enjoy. Something that makes it special enough to file.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Get busy making memories. All that we have is the moment we are in. And the chance to make it a memory that is worth filing.

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