11/4/18 BMT Day +186 Ballet Slippers

As we near the holiday season I have so many thoughts swimming through my mind. Each time I try to organize, each time I try to put some sort of order to our near future, I am totally stumped. It is impossible to plan. Now this can be true in life, there is a saying about “the best laid plans”… but it is the overlying theme in hospital life. What do I know? Reese beat cancer. This is what matters. And it is around this time of year that crazy-detail-oriented-Jen really comes out, my planner self. The self who was knocked down more than a few notches last December, when I lost control of everything.

So where are we? Reese spiked a fever again today, her second time in the past week. This is new for Reese. She never gets fevers, it’s really not her thing. We don’t understand why this is happening, but it makes for a pretty chaotic day. Cultures were drawn and heavy duty antibiotics started (again). It was strikingly different than Friday, when Reese insisted on wearing her ballet slippers to exercise in the hallway. There are “ballet bars” all through the isolation unit, and she wanted to practice. Earlier in the day, she noticed that our nurse practitioner, Stephanie, was wearing “ballet shoes”, too. So she asked me to invite her to ballet, and Stephanie enthusiastically bounded into our room. The two of them were so heartwarming, doing ballet positions and tiny kicks. We are so blessed here, our nurses are unlike any other. Being so ill today had Reese getting sick or sleeping most of the day, so it was kind of a “lost” day for us. But tomorrow is a new day, and I say, don those ballet slippers.
Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song

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