10/10/18 BMT Day +160 1/2 Birthday Video

In April, the last thing we did before we left for San Francisco was celebrate Reese and Quinn’s 4th birthday with a unicorn birthday party. After that we packed our bags, boarded our plane, and set off for the fight of a lifetime. Reese’s fight, her third battle. Today was Reese and Quinn’s half birthday. It dawned on me this week that Reese has spent half of four suffering in this hospital. Struggling, fighting a fight that is still too big for me to comprehend. That is too long.

Today I looked back at April, at the pictures of Reese on her birthday, and I saw a happy, spirited, laughing little girl. I saw joy and excitement and giggles. She is so beautiful, so innocent, so vivacious. But sometimes it’s what you can’t see in pictures. The truth does not always lie there. I looked closer and I realized that I was looking at a little girl with leukemia. My sweet little Reese had JMML in those beautiful pictures from April. Do you know who does not have leukemia now? This little child who is still suffering, but who is cancer free. Today I chose to focus on that part of her journey, because it is the journey that saved her. And I am looking toward the future… toward the other half of four. The half where she recovers from beating cancer, leaves the hospital, feels the sun on her face and the wind on her skin and moves forward being a kid. Just a kid. How beautiful is that??

The attached YouTube video is from Reese and Quinn’s 1/2 birthday celebration today at the hospital. I have always celebrated 1/2 birthdays. Why? Because we can.

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