10/12/18 BMT Day +162 JMML Exon Panel Results

My sweet Reese. Cancer is only going to be a chapter in your life. Not the whole story. And I already know it is going to be an extraordinary book, little one. Just keep fighting and just keep writing your story. And I’ll be here to cheer you on, every step of the way.

Reese’s second JMML exon panel came back and my beautiful little girl is MUTATION FREE!! This is her second clear panel, the true test. And her chimerism also continues to tells us that Reese is 100% donor cells. We feel confident to say that the beast is behind us. We went on a bear hunt, we caught a big one, and oh! What a BEAUTIFUL DAY it is!

There is one place in the country where this cutting edge JMML panel can be run, and it is here, with our doctors, our JMML experts, and we are fortunate enough to benefit from all of their research and passion. God lead us here and God is good.

So today, enjoy an ICE COLD water for Reese. This is her FAVORITE thing because now she gets her very own bottle, at her own rate… power. Power in the little things. She is finding more and more power in her world of medicine and pain and doctors. Each day, a step closer to freedom, to home. I love you Reesey Piecey.

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