10/22/18 BMT Day +173 TA-TMA

Today Reese was diagnosed with TA-TMA, and her treatment, eculizumab, will start tomorrow. She has gone from not needing blood products, to needing them every ten days, to every three days, to back-to-back days in a row. This is a blow, a big one. We pray that the treatment will work, swiftly, to fix this problem. The treatment has side effects, as I mentioned, and these can’t be ignored. Reese’s immune system will be further inhibited… causing additional infection risks. So our protocol for keeping Reese safe will go back up to Red Alert (not that it was so lax, anyway, but…) Extra special precautions will be taken by anyone who enters Reese’s room. We will have some big signs in the next week or so if this treatment is working, please say a prayer asking God to keep Reese safe during this new battle.  

No news is good news? We did not receive any information about the biopsies today. So tomorrow?  

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