10/28/18 BMT Day +179 “I have a secret.”

A quick update before bed… when Reese wakes up in the morning she is going to find out that she is NO LONGER diabetic!! That’s right, diabetes has left the room! This is huge, she has had steroid induced diabetes for months and treatment which includes insulin shots and 5x daily blood checks. (You know Reese.. she often insists on squeezing the blood out of her fingers for the glucose checks for them.) At her peak, Reese’s insulin was at a 26… we’ve been very slowly weaning, and a couple weeks ago we were at 11. Then we rapidly went down and tomorrow morning it is no longer. I am so excited about the progress that Reese is making this past week, it’s incredible! Thank you God for this gift of returning health!!

Today more meds were switched to oral with an ultimate goal of having her “tree free” most of the day, in the near future!! WHAT? She was free of her tree exactly twice in the last six months… once in early June… hours before GVHD hit, and once for an MRI last month. And now this week… This progress is amazing!!

Reese’s doctors are working on new and complicated plans for her care, mixing things up to try to squash CMV and also the residual GVHD that did show up on the biopsy. More to come.

Two nights ago, Reese woke up violently throwing up and lost her NG tube in the process. This is messy and sadly something that happens to Reese. I quickly cleaned her up and had her back in bed a few minutes later.
She reached her arms out, gave me a tight bear hug, and said, “I have a secret.”
I leaned in closer and she whispered, “You make my day better.”
So do you my sweet girl.

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