10/31/18 Day +182 HALLOWEEN

As I was tucking Reesey in tonight, after thanking God for a holiday spent together as a family, I thought of something. None of my kids asked for anything more today. No one asked for doorbells, or autumn leaves, or neighborhood parades. No one asked for class parties, or costume contests, or the sunny 70 degree weather outside, freedom. Joy rang through the halls of the BMT isolation unit today, joy that came in the form of three super heroes. Why? Because we have everything we need if we have each other, and in having each other we can make joy where ever life takes us, including UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.

So what did Reese’s Halloween look like? Well it was inspired by our own little super girl, Reese. Our “DC Super Hero” family included all of our favorites.
Super Girl (Reese), Bat Girl (Quinn), Wonder Woman (Claire), Harley Quinn (me), Bumblebee (Nonnie), Batman (Poppy), and Green Lantern (Chris).
Our day began with a pumpkin hunt. We set up 12 trick-or-treating stops for my girls around the unit… and our wonderful nurses helped so my girls could experience the great ask: “trick-or-treat!!” Each stop was marked by a pumpkin they had to find, first. Reese was “tree free” for six hours today (!!) and she did all of the festivities with her sisters. After trick-or-treating we went back to our room and the girls sat and watched for trick-or-treaters (nurses and other staff who came by) and offered them cupcakes or candy (REESE’S Peanut Butter cups, of course.) This was very entertaining and unusual here, they were the only kids in the unit with the privilege of keeping the door open. Reese has been here a long time and the things that keep other kids out of the hallway (namely neutropenia) don’t still apply to Reese.

I’ll end with a Reese story. At home, for years, we have called these Reese-isms. Clever and often endearing things that come naturally and honestly to her. This morning, the girls were sitting lined up in a row, at the hospital room door, in little chairs. We greeted “trick-or-treaters”. We had a table of treats right outside the door (they couldn’t come in or come too close). One group was having trouble deciding which treat to take. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide.
So I said to Reese, “Hmm. They can have cupcakes or candy. What would you pick?”
Reese replied, “I’d pick you.” and points to me.
My heart.

More updates tomorrow, it has been a great, long day. Happy Halloween.

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