Reese Meets her Donor

Thanksgiving; the expression of gratitude, especially to God

Last night we celebrated the ultimate thanksgiving when Reese met her hero, Kate, for the first time.

Yes, please tell me more about Kate!

Growing up, Kate was an avid soccer player in a small town in Wisconsin. When she graduated from high school, she went on to college to study biology, with the hopes of entering the field of medicine. It was during the first semester of her freshman year that Kate saw a swab drive for Be the Match. You see, to become a potential donor, all you need to do is swab your cheek. (A kit for this can be mailed to your home, it’s as easy as a swab and send!) Kate didn’t just swab, Kate hoped that she would be CHOSEN. Kate wanted to save someone’s life.

I remember being on the phone with Dr. Chris. We had just transferred our care to UCSF for transplant. Our transplant doctor, Dr Chris Dvorak, did not want to use the donor that had previously been selected. He was only an 11/12 and I guess the marker that was missing was considered significant. I knew we were having trouble finding Reese a 12/12. Dr. Chris, “There is a new girl. She is 18-years-old and a 12/12 match. She JUST joined, we are going to contact her.” We hoped that she would respond right away, we were quickly approaching the optimal time for transplant. God bless Kate.

Once on the registry, the chances of being contacted are not great… 1 in 40 members are called for additional testing, 1 in 300 are selected as a potential donor candidate, and only 1 in 430 will actually donate. And the chances of being called shortly after swabbing are very small indeed. And this is just how it went for Kate. Shortly after joining, Kate was contacted for additional testing. Then, when she was on spring break, she got the call- she found out that she was a DONOR. Kate said she cried, happy tears, so humbled to have the opportunity to save a life. And that life was 3-year-old Reese.

Please find the video of this incredible meeting here:

Should you send away for your swab kit right now?

If you are between the ages of 18-44 (especially college kids like Kate, the younger, the better for the recipient!!)

Live in the United States (other countries have other registries)

Are healthy

And, like Kate, are willing to donate to ANY patient in need…

Then YES! Here you go:

God bless Kate and her family. And happy Thanksgiving to all of Team Reese. We love you!

Reese, holding the book of thanks for Kate!
Reese’s friends and family created a book for Kate. A book of thanks, for the greatest gift in the world.

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8 thoughts on “Reese Meets her Donor”

  1. Wow. Some of your best work yet. What a journey. God bless Reese and God bless Kate my new hero. We sure have a lot to be thankful for And we will celebrate it today. God is good. Poppy

  2. This is just beautiful – what a perfect way to spend your Thanksgiving! For a teenager to give of herself in such a selfless way to save a life is proof of how much good there is in the world. Hope you enjoy every second of Thanksgiving with your healthy family!!!

  3. Oh my what a beautiful story and video to share on Thanksgiving. I was looking forward to seeing the meeting of Reese and this very special young lady Kate. Her parents must be so proud of the young woman she has turned out to be. This story warms my heart. May God bless you all and have a Happy and thankful Thanksgiving. πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒˆπŸ¦„πŸ˜β˜ƒοΈ

  4. Thank you for sharing the details of Reese and your family meeting Kate! I am in tears and so blown away by the selfless and lifesaving action of this young woman! Happy Thanksgiving to you all. ❀️

  5. What a beautiful story and video. I have a hard Time writing this because the tears keep flowing. Kate I would like to thank you for what you did for Reese. You are one special person and your parents should be proud of what you did. So nice to know that there are special people in this world. You have made thanksgiving a day to be thankful for for a lot of people Hugs and love sent your way.

  6. The GIFT of LOVE and the GIFT of LIFE… May God bless KATE a thousand fold for sharing her life-saving healthy cells with Reese! A truly joyous Thanksgiving celebration.

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