9/19/18 BMT Day +140 Relief

Last night, when Reese fell asleep at 5pm, she had been suffering severe and persistent nausea. Her steroids were bumped up to 1.3 at 10pm, because she was having a flare of her upper gut. We know that a bump in steroids takes at least a day to show results. We were questioning what treatment would solve this new problem? A scope was scheduled. Her heart rates were too high, her blood oxygen levels were too low, requiring “blow by” air. She was miserable and so was I, praying for a miracle.

The doctors are unable to explain exactly what happened next. Unexpectedly, Reese slept through the night, relieved of all of her nausea. She required blow-by at 4am (which is a tube that sounds like a freight train in her face, and it woke her up screaming with a start, so that’s when our day started.) At 4am she was hungry, she was happy, she was better. Reese spent the day eating everything in sight, with pleasure. She is pushing her gut and I watched in amazement as it accepted all of her cravings. She consumed 560 calories today (her record is 250.) Her heart rate is back down, her oxygen is normal. Her steroids were moved back down to 1.1 this morning, her scope is not happening. In addition to this unexpected rapid turn of events, we have been fighting for the past week to remove fluid from Reese. Fluid was found around her heart and about 4 pounds were still sitting around her waist. Last night this fluid seemed to dissolve away. Rapidly.

Why did this happen? It wasn’t a flare, then what? Why the rapid change of events? The doctors aren’t sure, but the only plausible scientific reason is she was dehydrated from the extra lasix being used to remove fluid this week. But that is a maybe? How do I think this miracle came to be in my hospital room last night? I think you know the answer. God is good.

..You have the promises of God. You have the presence of God. And He still has a powerful purpose for you. You won’t stay in this valley. You’re just passing through. One honest step at a time. You’ll get through it, and you’ll be stronger on the other side. You can do this. God bless you, dear one.
-And thank you Sue, for the blessing.

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