9/4/18 BMT Day +125 Moana

Today Reese had her 100 Day bone marrow aspiration. (A little late because she had an extra around Day +60). We are praying that this delivers the same incredible information as the past: 100% chimerism and mutation free. This is what it’s all about!!

In the spirit of chimerism tests… I looked back at the video Reese made our first weeks in the hospital. Back when a “six-week-stay” sounded daunting. I remember, the Disney channel was still a hot item around here and the “Moana” commerical was always on. It inspired Reese to make her own DREAM BIG video. If you have little girls, you definitely know the powerful line, “I am Moana of Montanui. Aboard my boat, I will sail across the sea, and restore the Heart of Te Fiti.” The Disney princess of our daughters’ generation… who never learns to accept limits in how far she can go. I attached Reese’s video link below. Here are the words to Reese’s version about her third battle, her bone marrow transplant:

I am Reesey from the yellow house.
Aboard my plane I flew to San Francisco
and crossed the Golden Bridge.
Here I will WIN battle #3,
beat JMML, and be a champion!!

I asked Reese what she wants to do when she leaves the hospital. This won’t surprise anyone who has been following our story these past weeks… cheese and peas, together, outside, as a picnic. She asked me to pack extra, so she can share with her whole family. Then she added, and lots of water!!! She specifically wants it in her pink water bottle from “our yellow house.” Reese is very restricted, still, so the idea of a whole water bottle, to herself, brought tears to her eyes. And mine.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Meal Train my friend Ginny started for my family this past weekend. The gift of a meal means so much to us and it makes such a huge difference in our moment to moment life. I promise, I will pay this forward someday.

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