T’was the 1st Day OF Kindergarten…

At 12:15am Reese and I were in her room, with the book. Chris was there and he had a flashlight. Quietly, we read the rest of the book, trying not to wake Reese’s sleeping sister, Quinn. But wake she did, and she jumped into bed with us and we all read together. It was not the hallmark movie moment I planned for, but THIS IS US. And it was pretty perfect..

I left off at 10:30pm at the Evanston ER. The surgical team came down because they were concerned about “free fluid” in Reese’s abdomen and pelvis. The fear was a ruptured appendix. Normally, it sounds like a CT would be performed to rule this out. This kind of radiation on a cancer survivor is not taken lightly, so the doctors were trying to make a determination with just an ultra sound and x-ray. I was shaking, my body isn’t conditioned for horror anymore.

After a thorough exam, it was determined that Reese did NOT need surgery. Why? Reese slept through the exam. That’s right, she didn’t even flinch as this doctor attempted to get a reaction of some kind from her, by pushing on her appendix.

So we can go home, right? She isn’t in any immediate danger, right? Reese is complicated, and her case makes doctors very nervous. And remember, we weren’t at Lurie, where they see kids like Reese. The doctor wanted to keep her for observation. Overnight. In tears, I explained to the surgeon that tomorrow is KINDERGARTEN. I told him Reese’s story, that she deserved to NOT be sitting in a hospital, under nervous “observation” while her classmates went back, again. The doctor recommended we transfer her to Lurie. It was now 11:30pm.

It was at this moment that Lurie called. Their suggestion: send Reese home for the night, and then to Lurie in the morning. YES! We will go with Lurie. THANK GOD!! At this point I was not concerned, I know Reese. And I could already see that she was bouncing back from this odd happening (that continues to happen to her. More on that later.) So we went home, and this brings us to T’was the Night Before Kindergarten, by flashlight, at 12:15am.

Reese woke up early and ate waffles and cereal. Yep, I know, it’s so weird. Then Lurie rang early, too. I knew that Reese had to go in, but I wanted to sneak Greeley in, on our way. And we did!! The first day of kindergarten is one hour, and parents stay. We drove to Greeley (even though we live nearby.) Chris came and we knew the car was parked right outside, to abort if necessary. Reese flourished, she was SO EXCITED. So was Quinn, it was an incredible joy to watch them. The feeling was overwhelming, pride and a grateful heart. My sweet girls explored their new schoolhouse with wonder and amazement, as they should, their classroom looks like something out of a kindergarten utopia movie! Then they said goodbye to their teacher, see you TOMORROW!! And the next day. And god willing, the next day.

After school we drove downtown to Lurie. Tests were run and Reese was examined by our team. Bottom line: we have no idea why Reese gets sick like this. The fluid is unexplained, too. Because there isn’t an explanation. So we watch, and wait. And enjoy every minute inbetween!

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26 thoughts on “T’was the 1st Day OF Kindergarten…”

  1. Oh my gosh… so relieved!! I’ve been waiting and praying for your update! Each day is a gift ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Happy to read about Reese’s and your families journey.
    Nothing makes me happier than your girls starting TOGETHER their first day of kindergarten!

  3. So very excited for Reese. My prayers will continue and I pray that this problem she has will disappear and no longer come back. I am so Blessed that I could be on this long journey with you and could be part of so many prayers and watch Reese heal. It was very scary at times but God did not let us down. I look forward to the next season of her story. I pray you will publish all that you posted for others that may go through this. Your writing is amazing Jennifer. God Bless all of you.

  4. Again, thank you for sharing you humbling story with the world and all our your triumphs! Happy to continue following the next book in life! You are an amazing mother and writer and your family is blessed to have you!

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