T’was the Night Before Kindergarten

T’was the Night Before Kindergarten… Reese has been sleeping with this book for a few days now. The anticipation is incredible in my house, as my two 5-year-olds inch closer to the day they get to enter those magical doors of Greeley and become kindergarteners. I myself have been weepy, feeling blessed beyond words that THIS IS US. I texted Fr Dan, do you want to have breakfast on their first full day? Yes! To celebrate, we did it. She did it. We are here.

She woke up this morning feeling sick. A minor tummy ache. My heart sank. I’ve seen this before. But she rebounded, as Reese does, and ate a big breakfast and we went to the pool. We ate lunch on the patio. Soaked in the LAST DAY OF SUMMER as a family who is lucky enough to celebrate such a milestone.

We got home and something wasn’t right. The pain intensified, vomiting, screaming. I knew what was coming as I gazed at her, laying on the couch, clutching her 1st Day of Kindergarten sign. God, no. Don’t take this from her. Please.

We laid down in her bed with the book. Quinn was with us, I thought if we can just read the book, she’ll feel better. It’s kindergarten, it’s Reese. This is how it’s SUPPOSED to go. I started page 1, “T’was the night before kindergarten…” That’s as far as I got.

She couldn’t keep down fluids, so I had to take her to the ER. The doctors ran tests. Then they moved on to scans. Reese slept through these like only Reese can. She has seen so much worse than this.

The doctor came back looking concerned, I know the look too well now. She has “free fluid in her abdomen”. It’s 10:30pm. The surgical team is on their way down to talk.

So here I sit. And here she sleeps. I’m praying for a great post tomorrow. The greatest.

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  1. Reese and Quinn, you are both amazing and may your years at Greeley be so full of wonderful adventures!

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