When Life Gives You Lemons

“Mommy, does God help the doctors who make the medicines?”

Since we returned to Winnetka, Reese has been wanting to raise money for Dr. Chris. If she finds a quarter on the sidewalk, she wants me to mail it to him. Why? To help the other kids, who she KNOWS are still in the hospital. The other little heroes who are fighting insurmountable battles, who need her help. She moved her focus to lemonade stands a few weeks ago. She wants to sell lemonade and send the money to her doctors. The doctors she is referring to are Mignon Loh, Chris Dvorak, and Elliot Stieglitz. These are the doctors who saved Reese’s life, with their innovative thinking and cutting-edge research. So I called Elliot.

Elliot Stieglitz is the brilliant research doctor who is changing the world. God bless this man who devotes himself to saving children’s lives. So I asked him- How would our money have the greatest and most direct impact? He pointed me toward THIS study. And it is groundbreaking and so incredible, I get chills writing about it.

Our doctors have discovered that perhaps not all children who are diagnosed with JMML need a transplant to survive. A chemotherapy pill may prove to be enough for up to 20% of the children who have been diagnosed. Yes, this is HUGE! Up until now, the ONLY cure for JMML is transplant (with only a 50% success rate.) Avoiding transplant means saving children and families months of battle AND the high transplant related mortality rates. The trick, figuring out who can avoid transplant and still have a chance at recovery. So how do they do it? Doctors are using DNA methylation to accurately determine what children need to go to transplant. That’s right, they are hoping to cure some of these kids from leukemia WITHOUT enduring the horrors of transplant!! Our doctors have proven this at a research level, and now they need to bring it to clinic. This takes A LOT of repeat testing and sequencing, and this takes a lot of money. This is where WE come in!

Reese’s incredible faith helped to carry her through this insurmountable journey. It is this same faith that we call upon as Reese and our family do our best to help the next in line. By the grace of God, and the miracle of medicine, my sweet girl is healed, and she is here because she is meant to be here, I know she will do great things. Reese is giving back and leading the charge with her sisters, the best way they can. Making lemonade out of lemons.

Our goal is raise awareness and money through LEMONADE 4 LEUKEMIA this summer. Our kickoff weekend is NEXT weekend: July 20 & 21! I already have fifteen additional lemonade stands going up, run by little kids who also want to make a difference.

There are THREE ways you can help us!

1. Set up a LEMONADE 4 LEUKEMIA stand! Visit the website below for more information on this, and please, email me!! (jennifer.felderman@gmail.com) I will send you the file to print your own logo sign.

2. If you find yourself in Winnetka next weekend, please visit a LEMONADE 4 LEUKEMIA stand! We will have at least 11 stands around the village, they won’t be hard to find!

3. Donate on our website and buy a virtual cup of lemonade, to support Reese’s cause!

Our goal is $20,000.
Help us support this 501c3 (EIN 94-1657474)
ALL of the profits go directly to this groundbreaking research.


Thank you Team Reese, for your continued support and love. xo

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